Modular Living On Barcelona’s River

The focus of this project is to have happy homes across the fluvial surroundings of Barcelona. Self-efficient loft units measuring 45m2 that are solar-powered and completely energy self-efficient, look pleasant enough to dot the landscape. The basic premise is to use one single multi-purpose open space which gets partitioned into the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and a deck. It has a studio apartment vibe, albeit on the river. Proposed to be sold at 80.000 € / unit, it’s a playground for the rich and famous!

Designers: Toni Clariana, Magma Design & Enoc Armengol


LoftFloat Houseboats For Barcelona’s River by Toni Clariana, Magma Design & Enoc Armengol






  • widepers says:

    no waves on that river?

    • the mass of the houseboat dampens the waves, check out any marina and see how little HEAVY boats move.

      • widepers says:

        Thanks Zippy, been on everything on the water, from sailing boats to pontoons, at a certain speed of the wind (size of wave) everything gets wet, even if the “heavy” boat somehow bobs up and down with the waves (also, regardless of size, there will be a certain pattern of wave which will go against the rhythm of the boat). Also, nobody expects to be completely dry on a small boat (approx size of this house). The only way for this to work is if there are indeed no waves on that water, or if getting wet is ok with the design (waterproof joints, dealing with the cleaning of the windows, who knows what else).
        IMO 🙂

        • I have been on a lot of boats and float homes too. Float homes do tend to be really massive with their concrete or timber floats. They also have hard chines so that dampens roll, but in the end they all will move a bit. The site does need a timber break water like any marina, but other than that its a workable design.

          • widepers says:

            when I was complaining about the waves, I wasn’t worried that the thing will move, but that it will get washed with every wave > 1 ft, the floor is pretty low to the water. The breakwater will definitely fix the problem, as long as they could keep it submerged, so it doesn’t spoil the view.
            probably I’m too picky at this point, all the best

  • AG says:

    Yeah, it is too expensive for very small house without foundation))

  • Pierre JUL says:

    Wonderful idea, nice concept and beautiful architecture. Consistent with a sunny place.
    Peace of water + nice design. What else…

  • So relaxing…

    The design is simple, not with complex shapes and the water is calm.

  • 3G says:

    Yeah, it is too expensive for very small house

  • samim says:

    samim from in afghanistan
    for you

  • stephen russell says:

    This can go for any river worldwide.
    Nice for the Sacramento River, No CA.
    ideal for Lakes IE Lake Natomas & Folsom, No CA.

    Produce these & for Sales & Rentals

  • Vinnie Santiago says:

    Hey, what about use PET bottles, let´s say 2 litre size underneath in order to float.? I´ve seen catamaran boats be built with PET bottles to promote recicling.
    It´s environmental freendly as well.

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