How to Keep The Nose

How much do you appreciate the photos you have? The videos you’ve filmed yourself? How about your collection of old smells? What do you mean they don’t have that!? I’ll tell you who has that: Kawamura Ganjavian. In his design, the “Scenter,” Ganjavian owns smell. How else do you plan on keeping the smells you’ve grown accustomed to once you can’t go to the places where you smelled the smells? You gotta have little jars, and in the jars, big smells.

Smell it.

Concentrated personal fragrances stored inside compact cartridges, released through the nozzle of your Scenter upon pressing the bellows.

Right into your nose.

Right into your brain.

The closest thing I’ve got to this now, me, is an old Batman wallet. It’s a wallet that I found one time at a garage sale my mother and father were hosting (aka, someone had lost it while shopping.) I couldn’t find the person who it belonged to, so it belonged to me. At that time, I’d started collecting comics. Incidentally, after I was done collecting comics, I quit using the wallet. I kept the wallet in a drawer for many years and forgot it. After many years, I found it, opened the wallet to see if anything was inside – and there was – that smell of comics. Comic shop smell. Real deal.

Designer: Studio Kawamura Ganjavian

Scenter scent depository by Studio Kawamura Ganjavian



  • Sean says:

    Come up with a way to capture scents and store them and then you’ve got a serious venture. You could also consider making some kind of wacky game with the scents where you have to guess the scent, just an idea.

  • Ritchell says:

    I’m assuming that the Scenter get filled with a particularly strong/unique smell, and when you want to keep a memory stored associated with a smell, you pull out the Scenter and take a whiff as you experience that memory. In the future, you could theoretically use the Scenter loaded with that past smell to evoke the memory associated with that initial whiff.

    In a word: cumbersome.

  • Laurie says:

    This would be wonderful for nursing homes- one could perform scent stories for the elderly, taking them to summer and the Fair or fishing….mown lawns, outboard motors, suntan lotion…..

    Also, it would be useful for alzheimer patients..

    There are numerous scents that I wish I could store for myself and friends ……

  • Sanket says:

    its quite innovative idea and its useful in hospitals and other places

  • Flexbuffchest says:

    Looks like a glorified douche bag

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