Portable Subwoofer For Your MacBook

Not happy with your MacBook speakers? Sound a little flat don’t they? The Bassjump is a USB powered subwoofer that turns your MacBook into a sweet sound system. It looks like an aluminum Mac mini which perfectly compliments the new unibody aluminum MacBooks. Hit the jump for my review.

Don’t get me wrong, the built-in speakers are pretty sweet but if your computer doubles as your stereo, you might want to invest in this awesome little peripheral. The Bassjump makes sound fuller and richer by enhancing the mid and low frequencies. The software drivers come with snazzy analog VU meters but they’re really just for effect. The fact that you use customized audio profiles to meet your needs makes it even better. I myself prefer to use the “electronic” profile because I love full bass and treble when listening to my tunes.

As always it’s difficult to review anything having to do with audio because so much of that is subjective. Although my MacBook isn’t my primary audio system, it is the hub for all my media. Aside from listening to music, I always watch DVD’s and videos online. Everything benefits from the enhanced sounds. It doesn’t make anything sound louder or provide that bone rattling shake you automatically associate with a powerful subwoofer, but it does add to the overall experience. I love my Bassjump.

What we loved:

  • Beautiful design, clean and matches the Mac aesthetic
  • Richer, fuller sounds
  • Simple installation
  • Compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
  • Affordable, only $80

What could be improved:

  • Wouldn’t mind if it were a bit punchier and more powerful


Drive Unit 77mm subwoofer speaker cone

Frequency range -6dB at 50Hz-20kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio 80dB

Connection USB minijack

Designer: Twelve South [ Buy it here ]