Acoustically Tuned Hi-Fi speaker with swappable modules means your audio setup never goes obsolete

Perception of the music we listen to is different for each one of us depending on factors such as age, hearing characteristics, particular habits and of course the room acoustics. That’s why audiophiles delve deep into the intricacies of the hardware they use for listening to their favorite music.

Loutd, a German audio Hi-Fi equipment maker acknowledges this emotion and is also mindful of the fact that room speakers can go obsolete after a few years due to audio technology advancements. Thus, the inception of musegg Hi-Fi speaker that can be swapped for new hardware to keep up with the trends.

Designer: Loutd

The stereo speaker is perfect for design-conscious modern music lovers who stream their audio via streaming services, primarily using smartphones. According to Juergen Seidler, co-founder of Loudt, the speaker came about to be around five years ago to fill the gap in a crowded space dominated by commercialized brands. The idea is to not build the perfect speaker, but to craft one that’s capable of adapting to changing dynamics and personal preferences. Thus, bringing to the fore a deeply integrated listening experience.

The elliptical-shaped speaker holds merit for mechanical and acoustic performance given its non-polarizing design. Quality and innovation in audio are the prime focus at Loutd, therefore, top-notch music delivery is a given. Since the brand is committed to resource conservation and sustainability, musegg comes with the promise of swappable hardware that gives music lovers no reason to bring home anything else for years, or maybe even decades!

The acoustic setup on this loudspeaker is of the highest quality backed by carefully tuned audio output courtesy of advanced algorithms and software. The drivers (powered by high-efficiency Class-D amplifier) crafted out of aluminum or ceramic work in perfect sync with digital processing for unmatched sound quality to traverse you to a “new realm of audio bliss.” According to Loutd, whenever a new innovative hardware upgrade is available for the speaker, a notification will be sent to the users. The new module can be replaced with a new one without any hassle while restoring all the preferences and settings.

The German audio technology expert is highly confident about this creation, and to this end, they’re offering users audiophiles the opportunity to try out the speaker extensively before making any purchase decisions. Multiple configurations of the speaker can be created for a multi-room smart setup. Of course, the matte look of musegg goes with any interior space, be it a modern apartment or a contemporary villa.