Get a Bit Nesty

Welcome to the “Nest Light.” That’s nest, like the one the bird makes with the twigs and the whatnot, not to follow and not to nesty nasty. The Nest Light is a lovely lamp that’s sure to make your house into a home. Not only will it make you feel like a warm mother hen because of its soft glow, the light inside works like an egg: removable and transportable.

Take the egg out and move it to where you need the light most! See the description for the engineering science behind the technology. Spread the light of love around the world! Or just around the room.

I thank you nature for this lit-up eggiwegg!

Course Director: Dr. Hsien-Hui TANG @ NTUST Design Dept.

Designer: Li-Xuan Sun

Nestlight or Nest Light eco-friendly reminder lamp by Li-Xuan Sun