R to the Izzy, G to the Izzay

Hey how’s it hangin? So well? Excellent! How are you doing on lamps today? Could use a few more? I’ve got one for you right here. A weird one! It’s called the “Riga” lamp and designer Markus Maurer made it just weird enough for your wild industrial design sensibilities. The Riga asks Maurer and its entire audience: how does one make balance perfectly visible?

In lamp form.

This is an LED suspension lamp. It’s freely moveable and gives off a ton of light. It’s name is alternatively “RIGA” in all caps, so remember that when they stat selling out the designer lamp stores around the world.

RIGA hangs by just one steel cable which is also the conducting cable for power. Patterns form on the floor when the two strips intersect. Relax and change, live and move.

Designer: Markus Maurer

Riga Lamp by Markus Maurer