LED Destroys Incandescent Forever

I’m not sayin this lamp is going to kill incandescent lamps altogether, but it’s gonna slay some of them I bet, for sure. It’s called the “Allure” and it’s a pretty amazing floor lamp. It looks like a fantastic set of tentacles. Multiple light sources from the same lamp – that’s amazing! Amazing! And not only that, but while the lamp base is meant to stay in place on the ground, the lamp post rotates. Excellent!

The best part of this lamp is the remote. Maybe. Probably that it looks fabulous. But lemme tell you about the remote anyway, how about that? The remote’s got a power switch, a top light activator, a low light activator, and an RGB button. What do you do with that? You turn on all the different colors! At the base of the lamp is the source of the colors.


Designer: Zhiqiang Liu


Allure LED lamp by Zhiqiang Liu