Refrigerator That Grows Plants

So you lack the green thumb but still love fresh green vegetables. Facts like light, water, temperature, space, moisture, nutrition, supervision and knowledge are all gibberish to you. No worries because Ms Hanna Sandström has been doing some homework for you, she’s worked in sync with Green Fortune & Whirlpool to come up with a refrigerator that will nurture a seed to a plant. Of course it’s restricted to herbs and greens, and details on HOW it would function are sketchy. All we know is that by placing lettuce plants and herbs purchased from the supermarket into the Kitchen Garden system, you can prolong their life and continue to grow them. The system automatically waters and gives light to the garden. Alternatively, by changing a few settings and some trays, it helps you grow a seed to a robust plant for chomping.

Going by the demand for organic fresh greens, this could be a hit idea!

Designer: Hanna Sandström with Green Fortune & Whirlpool

Kitchen Garden Refrigerator by Hanna Sandstrom with Green Fortune & Whirlpool