Correct Tea Angle

Stuff like strength, color, flavor, brew and steeping are commonplace to tea connoisseurs; plebs like me get by with simply boiling water & milk with some tea masala and that’s that. Fusspots who consider the most important thing for making tea is the time to steep it, and finding profit time for strength of the tea is bothersome, can indulge in the T-cup. It’s this special cup with an angle on the bottom so that it can be tipped to a side. The tipping controls the strength of tea without taking out the tealeaves or teabag from the water. The tea infuser slides to the side when you want to sip the tea.

Oh the fuss, anyone wants to share my Masala Chai?

Designer: Jung Dae Hoon


T-cup Tea Mug For Steeping Tea by Jung Dae Hoon