Sometimes Using The Finger Is Better

If you ask me I’d say yes, but spoons and stirrers are there for a reason too. While you linger over the double meaning, let’s just grab some coffee in this special cup and imagine how we would stir in the milk and sugar if none of the above implements were at hand. With our fingers of course! And that too via its flexible lid; poke a finger through and get stirring mister! “Finger Coffee” Anyone?

Designers: Li Cheng & Zhang Xun for Newplan Design


Finger Coffee – Coffee Cup Design by Li Cheng & Zhang Xun for Newplan Design


  • Chris says:

    hm… from the renderings i would say the lid isnt flexible it just rotates on the rim of the cup

    nice idea…

    stylish… YES
    usefull… DONT KNOW


  • brack says:

    ouch! i just burnt myself.

  • mif991 says:

    My finger would be the last thing I’d use on piping hot coffee….Does designer like pain?

  • Confucius says:

    Red dot design award winner I believe. Somehow.
    Suggestions to the designers: turn the shadow quality up on hypershot, that will get rid of jagged shadown.

    Couple of things, there is now lip shown so the top piece will slide around on that top plane.
    Also, with material that thin, the heat is going to transfer easily, you are definitely going to burn yourself.

  • Jon says:

    Too Phallic 😀

  • leegpx says:

    is there not more chance of a spoon being at hand than one of these???????

  • Fra says:

    materials of lid?

  • Fra says:

    materials of lid?

  • mike says:

    i don’t think the finger touches the liquid itself. its sort of like a thimble…right?

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