Objects Repurposition

What position does your toilet paper holder take? Would it consider being the new towel rack? Perhaps a nice sock dispenser? Tell your objects that they need to be more liberal. You know why? Because if you don’t, designer David Olschewski will just have to do it for ye! Take a look below for a collection of simple objects repurposed for others.

1)”Stiller Gefährte” – translated means “silent companion” this silent shovel is turned a bit in one direction and comes out the other end as a coat rack.

Material: shovel + beechwood
Dimension: W:45 x H:155 x D:45
Limited edition of 100 pieces + 1 AP + 1 prototyp

2) “14.7.” Pitchfork collection turned into another coat rack.

Material: pitchfork + solid wood
Dimension: W:52 x H:176 x D:52

3)”Peglight” That right there is a lamp turned right outta some laundry pegs.

Material: pegs + electronic components
Dimension: ca. D:22 x H:53

4)”003 – toilet roll holder” is a three-legged toilet roll holder made from beechwood and a little bitta metal – easy to assemble, easy to store.

Material: beechwood
Dimension: ca. D:22 x H:53

5)”Renate” Water byoys out of sea service, now land lubbers.

Material: 3 x buoys made from plastic
+ cord + electronic components
Dimension: ca. D:50 x H:80

Designer: David Olschewski

Repurposing objects with David Olschewski