The Red Stool

This is a red stool that you and I and everyone else can get behind. It’s a red stool that’s nice, neat, and ain’t gonna fall down on ya when you’re sittin (or even standin on it.) It’s called the Nido and it’s designed by one Eva Marguerre. It’s meant to look fragile, it’s built to be tough. And at 900 grams, Marguerre’s claim of “light as a feather” isn’t far off.

These seats are constructed of fiberglass drenched in resin. Marguerre developed a production procedure that connects and wraps each of the fibers in different ways. So! Starting with the basic model, each stool evolved “to playfully contrast the flexibility of the original material.” Super pretty cool yes? Then, consider the plus features of the resin itself: it makes the stools weatherproof as well as fade resistant, making them ideal for sitting right on the balcony or in the garden.

Designer: Eva Marguerre

Nido by Eva Marguerre