Hot On Your Heels

This is one of those unique opportunities where the product’s extended collection of copy (that’s the words) lends a direct hand in the title of the post. This post is a special case in more ways than one, though, as you’re soon 2b seeing. The name of the project is “Stiletto Police”, and as far as industrial design projects go, this one’s rather graphic. Look at these shoes. And fall right into a maniacal state of wonder.

I am telling you about them right now, like a major incident crash, blood, guts, and metal flying everywhere. And who has to come to the scene first? Besides local wildlife? The cops! And they know what time it is. Time to get ill. Time to stay fashion frenzied, even in an emergency situation.

We live in an explosive time for fashion. Bright lights, low brow, express yourself. Applause is given to those who don’t hold back. That’s what these shoes are all about, if you ask me. Absolute wonderfulness embodied in a shoe. Anyone who looks at these (assuming they someday exist in the real world) must stop in wonder. Wow, what am I even looking at! These are a sight to behold!

If I had them, I’d put em up for display for everyone to put their eyeballs on. Why? I can’t walk in heels to save my life. Right on my nose.

Designer: Tim Cooper

3D Stiletto Police by Tim Cooper