Ultraponic Superstars

In your kitchen, of all places! Who of you would love to use themselves an “Ekokook?” Don’t know what that is? I’ll tell you! It’s a kitchen system that makes use of all your waste, all of it. Even that. Yep. And that too! It’s got the capability to use and re-use all of your solid waste, liquid waste, and organic waste. How, you say? Well, let me Ekokook you up a fwe answers!

Micro-plant 1) First, we’ve got the solid waste. What to do? Select, process, store. Solid wastes, in this case, are wastes that have no smell. These wastes are as thus: glass, paper, plastic, metal, and miscellaneous. Each of these are placed in their own bin and smashed down to minimal size. All of these items activated by hand: a steel ball, like the ball in a pinball machine, to break glass, an endless screw like a nut-cracker to compress cans and water bottles, and a manual shredder-crusher to shred paper before turning it into briquettes.

Micro-plant 2) Water. Use, collection, and recycling. First, a double sink for retention. The second sink collects water that’s been filtered of any grease scum into two pitchers that can then be used on household plants. All of this can be lifted out and cleaned (which it should be regularly) to keep up hygiene.

Micro-plant 3) Organic waste. Night of the living garbage bin. This is the earth worm composer. It uses real earthworms to break down organic wastes. Green wastes go in here like peels, scrapings, left-overs, etc. Food waste. The container with the worms is a drum that rotates a notch a day. The waste inside shifts gradually and after three months maturing are considered lumbri compost. Liquid effluent drains into two pitchers, and diluted one part effluent to ten parts water, this junk becomes perfect food for indoor and outdoor plants.

Designer: FALTAZI