No iPad Jokes Get The iDrift?

While the video here explains exactly how to use an iPad, lemme tell you more about how you can accessorize it. If you’re into car-games, then rest assured you’re going to need add-ons like the iDrift. Unlike the hype of the Wii Mario Kart Wheel, this one is an easy to use peripheral; it has no mechanical or electronic parts whatsoever, making it cheap to manufacture and durable. This submission has got me thinking, how long before the next iPad related concept surfaces…sooner thank you say Jack Robinson!

Designer: Michael Greenberg

iDrift - iPad Game Controller For 3D Driving Games by Michael Greenberg



  • SkyWay says:

    Who in their right mind would want something like this? The iTampon is not a hardcore gaming device (nor is the iPhone mind you and it has a similar…thing) Even the Wii has more to offer in terms of racing games and I reckon anyone with a smidgen of sense would get the Wii for playing (or one of those *gasp* next-gen consoles that have these things called “steering wheel controllers”), Pad for…whatever it’s worth that does not involve Flash or multitasking and a phone for making calls.

    Yes, I don’t like Apple or its blind fans, if that was unclear before this : P

  • Pete Carrasquillo says:

    This is EXACTLY the type of thing we don’t need. At all. Ever.

    That said you’ll probably make millions with it.

    What I don’t understand is how this product is interesting and innovative enough to be posted here. Unless this is some kind of tongue-in-cheek type of thing…but I didn’t think that sort of post was really Yanko’s bag.

    • SkyWay says:

      Apple-fans, Yanko-design is full of them, on the wrong side of the screen 😐 Can’t you smell the drool gushing from the authors mouth?

  • Next after the round iDrift is an oval iToiletSeat.

  • Gators15 says:

    I’m actually surprised something like this hasn’t come out for the iPhone/iPod Touch yet

  • Comrade_Leviathan says:

    You’ve still gotta keep your thumbs in reach of the on-screen buttons, and unless you’re an orangutan, this ain’t gonna cut it.

    I’m thinking his design needs some tweaking.

  • Pikeru says:

    Soo.. they copied the Wii steering controller and made it bigger?

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