Anything with Wonderland in It

Put the word Wonderland in the name of your product, piece, or design and you’ll get me to look twice, that’s for dern sure. Take a whimsical look at this fantasy land designed by the rather fashionable Eunsuk Hur. In this “Nomadic Wonderland” you’ll find a series of interchangeable, interlockable, interspectacular pieces of material that come together to spell nothing less than glamorously wonderful.

The Nomadic Wonderland project is a modular system of textile pieces that can be connected and re-connected to create any number of new unique pieces of clothing or interior accessories. All the while, in doing this, promoting sustainable design. Why? How? This stuff is durable!

These laser-cut bits of sublimation printed wood, acid printed wool felt, and etched leather are all alterable. You can do combinations and changes again and again, adding only character, destroying nothing but the checkbooks of the department stores you’d usually be at.

Plus think of how much MORE amazing you’ll feel having some so much closer to truly having designed your entire look for yourself.

It feels just splendid, lemme tell you that, baby babe.

Designer: Eunsuk Hur

Nomadic Wonderland by Eunsuk Hur