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Use your worm power! For all of you who’ve got a hankering for a few leaves and sprouts, here’s a vertical home garden for your personal use. Below you’ll find six steps to your home greenery edification. It employs drip watering, wormie friends, and a whole bunch of sustainable living. The name’s “Urb Garden” and I’d like to say, it’s time for some plants and it’s super easayyy.

First, you’ve gotta put a bunch of food scraps (like banana peels, old bread, apple cores, and hard chunks of milk) into the worm farm.

Then, the worm friends produce liquid fertalizer, to which a bit of extra water is added for easier flowing.

The liquid is pumped up to the holding tank, and drips down through the growing pods where the plants are growing. -The unused liquid then drains back into the tank to be recycled through the system again.

Bigtime fun for everyone! This system is too easy to use!

Designer: Xavier Calluaud

XCalluaud by Xavier Calluaud





  • gardenbeet says:

    looks like a dialect from dr who

  • J. Hentzel says:

    Why are the sage, garlic chives, lettuces all growing out instead of up as all these very photosensitive plants would be if they had really been growing on a vertical wall. The rosemary stems aren’t growing up they’re growing straight out.

    From the partly removed box it looks like there’s about two inches of depth for the plant roots to grow in. The hydroponic part might be able to sustain plants that large without more room for the roots but I don’t know it looks pretty shallow to me and I’ve been gardening for over 40 years.

    I think this picture was ginned up with a clean new unit and potted plants for marketing purposes. It strikes me that this is probably an expensive “gee whiz” invention sold at upscale “green” boutiques for loft dwellers who will get bored with maintaining the system and put it out with the trash.

    • Xavier says:

      @ J. Hentzel

      this is an Industrial Design students major project and the images are of a model as the Urb Garden is still in concept stage. The lettuce in the top right, centre left and centre right boxes were all grown in a vertical experimental wall.

      If you are interested in finding out more about this concept before judging it you could visit:


      • reality says:

        then the student should test his/her idea and not mislead with this obviously fixed positioning of pre grown plants.

        • Bauski says:

          WTF why does every smartass judge the ideas and concepts here as if that site were a catalogue for new product? It’s a gallery of ideas!!!

  • jackie says:

    looks like a great idea, I’d buy one and give it a try, good use of compost/worms in urban setting. Not all of us live in suburbs and have backyards!!!!

  • Ed W. says:

    Great idea! Good job in merging two biological systems. Here’s an idea, though: If you put the worm bin above the plants and the reservoir below, it would take less floor space and wouldn’t require two separate pumps to make the hydraulics work. Then you just cycle the water through once a day or so, adding more as needed. Also, if you cycle the water through the worm compost, you’ll make a weak compost tea. Either way, you’ll have to aerate the water to keep it from going stagnant and smelly.

  • Deanna says:

    This looks great. I’d love to see something like this realized πŸ™‚

  • Cindy Gale says:

    ok, I love it. I want one. Where can I buy this?

  • Theary Oum says:

    thank xavier for wonderful resign in helping humanity.. i’ve always live in city.. but believe in nutrient and out of garden freshness.. even farmer market is expensive.. but your design is great for 2 things creating indoor compose and fresh garden… on google search it indicated $140 to get one from you? Is this correct? I’m not a 40 years gardener, so I cannot criticize such great invention.. as we all know to want something real one still have to take care of.. if it’s soil for gardener of 40 years or someone like self who like idea of throwing scraps into system that creates compose and grows herbs and stuff for salad. πŸ‘πŸ‘ thank you! πŸ™πŸ™

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