25 Homeopathic Years of Brita

Designer Julien Hadley had the task of branding a gesture marking 25 years of Brita water filters. Hadley chose the phrase “We’ve Got a Plan” to note Brita’s aim to promote a more sustainable approach to consumerism and how people use products. Environmental responsibility! Along with that is this lovely plant plan: “My-oan” – a platform that enables users to grow homeopathic plants on their own, in their own home.

homeopathy |ˌhōmēˈäpəθē| ( Brit. homoeopathy)
the treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease.

In this case, the homeopathic plant being grown will help sustain the health of the person growing it. Helping something grow that helps you grow, that’s symbiosis. That’s Brita!

Below you’ll see a front cover of a branding analysis report for Brita, an ad promoting the “We’ve Got a Plan” slogan and Brita’s 25 years, styling sketches for the My-oan product, and a glimpse of the product itself, all whipped up by Julien Hadley!

Designer: Julien Hadley




My-oan Homeopathic Plant Growing Product for Brita by Julien Hadley


  • tudza says:

    Homeopathy has no real scientific basis. Brita should drop any such association like a hot potato.

  • C says:

    Aren’t most homeopathic plants poisonous?
    Arnica is poisonous in plant form, but great as a prepared remedy.
    Plant soils harbour molds.
    I think they need to re-think this plan.

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