One Light to Rule Them All

One billion events, millions of lighting experts. That’s what happens. When you’ve got an event that needs lighting, you see a specialist. Freelance workers who get all up in the party lighting it with the equipment they’re known for, each group being hired for their materials. Well I say to you, no more! One light to rule them all! This here is the Helios 700W! And basically anyone can use it.

This light is made for events, but it’s not too much of a stretch to think you could use it for other things, like radical two-person disco parties, or that kittie-rave you’ve always had planned.

It’s a moving head light sliced down to the minimum weight, size, and price. It’s got a unique cooling system that makes it rather silent. It employs a wireless DMX data transfer system so there’s no six-tons of wires. Information transfer system based on military radio communication. Constructed mainly of a light aluminum-space-frame making it handle-able and rugged.

Designer: Christian Stapelbroek


Helios 700W lighting by Christian Stapelbroek