Coperni’s Air Swipe Bag may be closest to “as light as air” saying

When they say something is as “light as air”, it is not meant to be taken literally most of the time. But there are indeed some materials now that can be considered almost as light as air or at least the lightest solid material that we can find. One example is NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel which they used in their first stardust mission. It has been used in things like thermal insulation, biomedical applications, and some experimentations. But there’s apparently another use for it and that’s for fashion and (sort of) functionality.

Designer: Coperni

Paris-based accessories brand Coperni wanted to create a bag that is very, very light but also would look like it has frozen smoke trapped inside its little space. And they were able to do so with the Air Swipe Bag hiwch they unveiled at the FW24 show. This particular look is made from aerogel since the process it goes through gives it that transparent, smoky color, not to mention how light but non-fragile it is.

It may seem to look like a fragile bag because of its size and its transparency but the material can actually withstand extreme heat (up to 1,200 degrees celsius) and pressure (up to 4000 times its weight). There is a reason after all why NASA brought this to space. The bag also uses 1% glass reinforcement so you might want to be careful where you swing that bag at.

The Air Swipe Bag doesn’t seem to be the most fashionable but it is indeed interesting looking. My main issue is that it’s a tiny bag that may actually only fit my phone in it and barely at that. As a big bag carrier that has a ton of bags inside the bag, I’m wondering if something as light as this could actually work in a bigger size as well.