Tickle Me Butts!

Actually, more like Butts Chair Change. This chair is called the “Bristle Me Chair” and is designed to change as you use it. Going right beside the old, correct way of going about possessions, this chair was made to change the perception that old is bad. Old is used, used means broken in. Broken in means unique and sculpted to the person who uses it! This is the Bristle Me Chair.

Meagan Roberts wanted to create an object that changed gradually over time, gradual being a key point, with the objective being that as the object changed, it would be perceived as better than new. In the world we live in, especially where I live, midwest USA, most, and I mean MOST people consider something that’s old to be something that is ready to be thrown out.

It is perceived and reinforced in our society that if you can buy something new as easily as keeping the old, it’s foolish to keep the old! But I say to thee thus: Brisle Me Chair. Keep the old. Lose the judgement, buy things you don’t have instead of replacing things that do not need replacement.

Bristle Me Chair!

It is a revolution in possessions!

Designer: Meagan Roberts


Bristle Me Chair by Meagan Roberts