The Rest Goes to the Dry

These water bottles are missing some water! Approximately 50ml out of every 500ml bottle. The rest is collected and sent to countries that have the little-helped but terrible problem of a lack of clean water. Can you imagine life without clean water? No showering, drinking makes you sick, cooking food is out, et-cetera, et-cetera. Terrible. This water’s all about the graphics.

Along the top of the bottle (the place where the water’s obviously missing) has graphics that tell the tale. To notify the consumer, ideally to get them to join in on helping further than the bottle.

SITENOTE: A good documentary to watch about this water situation and its effect on the world is “Blue Gold : World Water Wars.” Peek it out!

Designer: Je Sung Park

Message Label Water Bottle by Je Sung Park




  • Lamah says:

    Interesting concept. But surely the designer is not suggesting that it would be practical to literally ship fresh water to these countries. Hopefully it is just a way of collecting donations that help out with fresh water projects in these countries.

    • brian t says:

      I was going to say something similar. The costs of shipping the actual water would far outweigh the benefits.

      The world is not short of fresh water overall: it’s just not where the people are, and the problem is getting it to them. For example, at various times there have been proposals to tow an iceberg from e.g. Antarctica to Australia (

  • Air2air says:

    Now that Global Warming is dead and buried, “Water shortage” is one of the latest cool eco-themes. It is also even easier to debunk because we have this thing called the Water Cycle, with this stuff called rain. And for places that have no rain people either choose to adapt, or they don’t choose to adapt. It’s, like, an important skill to learn.

    But the money in eco-products to sell to self-hating Westerners is another subject altogether. Yes – buy this product, and somehow, some way, you will ‘save the life of kids’.

    Being supremely naive and stupid doesn’t make us compassionate.

  • Chrispy says:

    they already do that, but just keep the profit, you don’t really think they put the shape into bottles with just ergonomics in mind do you? its all just to keep the illusion that your getting the same amount, while adding neat curves and indentations to lower the actual volume.

  • Reid says:

    Great, we’re encouraging people to buy bottled water – when will this destructive fad end?

  • Jeff says:

    It’ll cost more for the labels than to send the 50mL of water.

    Stupid, stupid stupid.

  • ad says:

    Please apply your design and presentation skills on something that would help the situation our planet is in.

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