Too Weak to Open Caps. Need a U-Cap

Plastic caps were designed to keep liquids in. Then at the last minute somebody realized people actually have to remove them to get to the liquid so they threw on some groves around the cap for grip and called it a day. Bah I say! I will admit sometimes I can’t do it! That cap just won’t let go. Maybe I need a U-Cap.

There’s a soft asymmetric curve on one side of the cap, perfect for thumb grips. This single design element transfers more torque as you turn requiring less effort. Designed primarily with the elderly, children, and disabled peoples in mind, the U-Cap would market well for people like me; I guess you could call them lazy. I kid, I kid.

On a serious note, the U-Cap is Earth friendly too. Made entirely of biodegradable polyolefins and starch, it dissolves with long term exposure to water and microbaterial decomposition. Yay for planet Earth and less sore thumbs!

Designer: Jeong Hoon Cha