10 Unconventional Umbrella Designs

For the sake of all the Gays and female population, I hope the day comes when it rains HOT Hunky MEN. This is one deluge that my single friends wouldn’t mind; and if the lord floods the streets with Adonis kinda guys, then I’m joining the party too! Wild fantasies aside, my point of focus here is actually UMBRELLAS! Yes, those sorry basic so-called shields can be spectacular as well! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 10 compilations here; they vary from structural indulgences to conceptual capabilities.

10) SENZ Umbrella

LT reviewed the SENZ Umbrella and still raves about its aerodynamic shape that keeps rain off his back. It’s designed to withstand up to 70 mph winds and won’t flip inside-out, no matter how strong the winds are.

9) The Inside Out Umbrella by Seung Hee Son

Dripping umbrellas belong to Mac Funamizu’s Pendurella Stand, but in case you want the sort that converts into a bag and holds all the water in, then look no further. Here’s the Inside Out Umbrella for you. All the wet drippy stuff stays inside.

8 ) DIY Electric Umbrella

A little bit of ingenuity and some steady hands on your part is required to fashion this awesome Electric Umbrella. Get wet, wild and lit-up in the RAIN!

7) Bluetooth Umbrella by Mikhail Stawsky

The urban jungle has turned us into animals hungry for gadgets in every aspect of our lives. A stroll in the rain means you can’t use your mobile phone, so heck; let’s add Bluetooth to our umbrellas! That’s what the fuss in this Umbrella is all about. Besides syncing with your mobile phone, it doubles up as radio so you can totally go “singing in the rain.”

6) LightDrops by Sang-Kyun Park

Adding a different perspective to the umbrella is this LightDrops contraption. It harnesses potential energy from raindrops that slam onto the conductive membrane called PDVF, which is then transformed into electrical energy. This converted electric energy in turn powers the embedded LEDs, “sending your umbrella ablaze with light.”

5 ) Sprout Umbrella by Matthew Swinton

The entire umbrella literally sprouts out from the handle. The canopy and the hardware are enclosed inside it. Maneuver the knob to slide open the umbrella and turn it to lock things in place.

4) BUMBOO by Rizki Tarisa & Maximilian Aji Wijoyoseno

This one’s an interesting piece coz it proclaims to be an umbrella, pillow, walking stick and a garbage pick-stick. Fold the shaft of the stick into a neat grid and the umbrella transforms into a soft pillow (the shaft is covered with a soft foam fabric). Stretching out the shaft turns into a walking stick. A point at the tip, on the floor-end, makes it a garbage pick-stick, and of course the canopy makes it an umbrella!

3) Self-Defence Umbrella by Yoel Mazur

I LOVE this idea! It SCREAMS Just This: Don’t mess with me mister, else I’ll turn this “half-covering” umbrella into a Shirasaya (sword) or a spiked club and fight you off!

2) Music in the Rain by SDESIGNUNIT

Karaoke in the rain? No worries, the Music in the Rain Umbrella features a player that will dish out the background score and you can sing along! The controls to the player can be manipulated with the handle and the speaker is located in the canopy, and thankfully on the inside!

1) Eco-Brolly Umbrella by Shiu Yuk Yuen

Amazing as a concept but impractical as a design, the Eco-Brolly is what we can call a summer project rather than a Monsoon aid. As we pointed out earlier, the main premise for this umbrella was to reuse discarded newspapers as the canopy for your umbrella skeleton, therefore making it a green design.

This umbrella can re-use and adapt objects such as newspaper, card, and plastic bag and turn it into an umbrella. It can re-use whatever the consumer thinks of reusing. It is a supporting devise when it rains, all the user has to do is unscrew the top lid, poke the lid onto the middle of the newspaper, quick screw to secure it & open it out like an umbrella!

When it rains, it pours they say; I hope you enjoyed this compilation and flood it with a deluge of HITS!