The Monte Carlo Leaflights Hotel

I know you go to beach hotels all the time, but hear me out! This is a pretty fabulous one. Why? The nice lights! The designers in this here project bring you a couple of lighting solutions that make the newly renovated Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel, Monte-Carlo S.B.M. a sight to behold! Come with me! Light up your seaside world!

Now there’s two lighting solutions here, don’t fool yourself, one of them circular, a very nice and basically basic solution exclusively for the ceiling. The other is my favorite. A system of superimposed short disks combines several sheets which reflect light off in all sorts of directions.

These fixtures are made from laser-cut metal sheets cut to leaf-like aesthetics with a ring for fixation around the light source. A hammering technique used with the sheets gives them each a unique look. The disk that holds these leaves to the light source is turnable, allowing for multiple settings in each lamp.

While these lovely lights are often set all by their lonesome on the sides of walls and on ceilings, the grand conglomeration takes place in the lobby. The lobby is a giant dome, with a cone-shaped center ceiling filled with this unique lamps for a lovely display.

So pretty!






Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel, Monte-Carlo S.B.M. lighting concept by WORKS.PSLAB