Skate Hard in Destructos!

These shoes right here are called “Destructo Sports Action Shoes!” Oh my goodness. I know, and you know, that if you do a lot with your feet, your feet shells explode. And when I say feet shells I of course mean shoes. Your shoes are worthless! They come apart at the flick of a knife! But not anymore, now you’ve got these amazing piece-by-piece strong shoes, by Thomas Balaguer.

When you wear Destructo, you wear quality. Branded with the dreaded Nike scythe, these shoes are made to take some damage. Like “rubbers” of the past (your grandpa might have worn rubbers), these have replaceable covers. But where rubbers were used only for snow, Destructo shoes are used for action, sports, and action sports. Skateboarding, street hockey, biking, and yes, of course, parkour.

Interchangeability in the upper and lower parts.

Recessed shoelaces.

Foam padded collar.

Padded tongue (STI FLO2 Foam).

Tricot lining

Synthetic leather outer.

And the replaceable part, the Phylon soled, 400 NBS outsoled lower.

I’d love to get my hands on these to paint some pretty pictures. Really!

Designer: Thomas Balaguer