Hitchhikers Guide to the Classroom

Have you seen, heard of, or otherwise experienced the “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?” Well this is basically it embodied in a fantastic school-desk body. Dubbed “Mesa – Classroom of 2015” by its designer Phelan Miller, this concept is one our children will be wondering how we ever did without. Oh my goodness mother, you didn’t have the internet when you were a kid in school? How did you learn about things?

Oh my goodness mother, you didn’t have Mesa desks when you were a kid in school?

How did you learn how to spell?

Middle schoolers the world over will be tapping their way to intelligence when these fantastic items come into play. The Mesa desk comes standard with grammar check, spell check, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, and a section for math. Employed by an effective and simple touch screen with tab system, including “freewrite” ability for improving handwriting.

It even interacts with real paper, scanning it and checking it for error in a moment’s time.

Mesa desks are double wide, made for two students at a time. Tall enough to be stood by, short enough to still be realistically accessed by a person sitting in a chair.

Light and stackable.

MILLER if you make these in a way that allows schools to attain them inexpensively, I don’t see why you won’t have created an overnight sensation, changing the way the world teaches and learns.

Designer: Phelan Miller

Mesa - Classroom of 2015 by Phelan Miller