Lincoln Chairs for 2010

Do you know what Lincoln Logs are? They are wooden toys shaped like logs (aka fallen trees) with notches in them so they can be stacked in any number of ways to create log structures. Log cabins is what they had in mind, the same kind US President Abraham Lincoln lived in as a child. This tradition of selling the parts and allowing the customer create the product is continued here, now, today, in a table system dubbed “Molecule.”

Molecule comes in several different sizes and shapes and colors, all based on two main shapes. As the shapes are brought together, they create molecule-like amalgamations, making for unique and easily re-configurable table groups with chairs. All wood veneer with an upholstered pad top.

Tonizzo for schools! Tonizzo for offices!

Designer: Davide Tonizzo

Molecule seat system by Davide Tonizzo