Virtual Life in Megatropolises

Virtual reality was once the holy grail of computer science and interactivity. It promised to free us from the limits of our bodies and allow our minds to roam free in a universe completely within our control. It was touted as the future entertainment medium with applications in science and medicine but designer Vagarsh Saakyan thinks it could be our whole way of life.

As the human population continues to grow, space will become a premium. Our resources exhausted and with no land left, we have to move our megatropolises into the virtual world. In virtual reality, cities can be as big as needed. There are no limits. People can envisage how they live and how they get around. You may prefer to ride around in a space age urban buggy like the Voila Voila (pictured) or go retro and handle business in a horse and carriage.

So what do you think? To be honest the world I’d live in would resemble nothing like science fiction or reality. It would be the Kingdom of Care-O-lot, and we would all be Care Bears, and we would ride around on cloud cars and take weekly excursions to the Forest of Feelings to visit our Care Bear Cousin friends. Is the future now?

Designer: Vagarsh Saakyan

Voilà Concept Car by Vagarsh Saakyan