Ten Distinguished Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the season to smile and sweat! Smile: because you’re going to get loads of gifts and Sweat: because you’ll have to reciprocate the gesture! To answer the toughest question, ‘What do you get for someone who has everything’, we’ve drawn up a list of Ten Gifts that are really Distinguished. An array ideas to get something for someone who is a design connoisseur.

InsideOut Martini Glasses by Alissia Melka-Teichroew: $55 for 2

InsideOut Martini Glasses

Carafe & Vase by Nina Jobs: $69

Carafe & Vase

Transport Urban Bag by Nathan Leon: $79

Transport Urban Bag

AromaUSB by Ko Yiu Fai: $26


Webble Active Footrest by BriteObjects: $150

Webble Active Footrest

Documents Laptop Sleeve by 25togo: $30

Documents Laptop Sleeve

Salt & Pepper Shakers by Thabto: $16

Taste Explosion Salt & Pepper Shakers

Stix & Stones Modular Necklace by Brandon Perhacs: $98

Stix & Stones Necklace

Hookmaker by Kegan Fisher: $30


TwistTogether Lamp by TwistTogether Company: $100

TwistTogether Lamp