Carzor! The Stubble Eliminator!

Have you ever woken up one day, gotten ready for work, prepared for the biggest meeting of your LIFE, and realize, oh NO! There’s stubble on your face? Well let me tell you about this thing then! It is called Carzor! And it is made for you! It’s the size of a credit card and it’ll be your companion for life!

Not only is it a razor, it’s a mirror. Not the same thing. They come apart! The whole contraption is the dimensions of a credit card or a license. The blades are stored safely behind the mirror while it’s in your pocket, and it’s just totally easy to use.

AND THE BEST PART IS: There are several different kinds of scents you can put on below the blade! You can have mint, sandal, lemon, ocean, or orange!

Kick the laziness out!

P.S. Don’t mistake my craziness for sarcasm. I am actually really pumped up about this design. Yes, please!

Designer: Kuo Chia Hung





Carzor by Kuo Chia Hung