Fingers Notebook Stand Also Manages Your Cables

Fingers is made of clear acrylic and it features a laser-cut pattern of slots which are used to accommodate loose computer cables. The keyboard’s sloping position results in improved typing comfort and better processor ventilation, while the screen is raised closer to eyelevel offering better ergonomics.

Designer: Oof Design [ Buy It Here ]

Here’s information from the designer:

Fingers is a unique laptop computer stand that offers an innovative solution for organising cables. It is placed on the desktop so that cables can be attached on it when they are not in use and it allows the laptop to be positioned ergonomically.

When a user disconnects his laptop and takes it away from peripheral devices like printers, scanners etc. the cables that are left behind may fall on the floor and may become entangled and inaccessible. When the user returns to his workspace he becomes frustrated by having to look for the cables and by having to untangle and reorganise them in order to reconnect them to the laptop.

Fingers solves the problem by accommodating cables in a specially shaped pattern of slots (patent pending) so that when the user returns the laptop to his desk the cables are all laid out in an organised manner allowing straightforward reconnection. In addition, Fingers brings the laptop screen higher and closer to the user’s eyelevel which enhances cooling and results in a more suitable position for typing, thereby improving usability.