One Super Simple Spoon

Who loves to fold!? Everyone loves to fold. Fold your newspaper, go to the local Mexican restaurant and fold a taco, fold your pet rabbit, and now fold your spoon! Yes, that’s what’s going on here. This spoon right here is given to you flat. Your job is to fold it, fold it right into usefulness! And best of all, this lovely design can be imprinted onto basically anything: paper, plastic, metal, anything!

*The views in folding rabbits presented in this post are not necessarily held by all workers at Yanko Design.

This spoon is an origami spoon designed by a mister Michael Sholk. It is a genius work of design work that takes an easily produced and/or recycled product like paper and designs something useful that it can be used for. A spoon! Yes indeedy.

More on the rabbit: I and my fiancee have a rabbit. She is a tiny dwarf bunny who lives in a medium cage while we’re away, free to roam the apartment while we’re at home. In the spirit of recycling I let you know this: her living house and food dish are ever-changing cardboard boxes. This means, for example, that her current living quarters is a box that was at one point used to transport paper to an office. Now it’s got a couple holes cut in it and it’s her house! Later it can be recycled back into pulp. The same goes for her food dish/hut, which is currently a 24 can cube of soda pop box. Yay paper!

Designer: Michael Sholk

Origami Spoon by Michael Sholk




  • AlienzExist says:

    Wood should not be looked at as a disposable resource, or a material for disposable objects. Thats why America’s forests are down to something like 18%, and China has plowed through its forests making disposable chopsticks. But yes, this idea can be made with other materials, but still, the spoon shape looks like it would not be able to hold up after minutes of use.

  • V2 says:

    Problem with plastic one-time-use spoons is, that they and up with the conventional litter instead of getting recyled.
    Then a natural product is much more wished.
    Would make it out of recyled paper

  • designfollow says:


    thank you

  • Petra says:

    Can i purchase the wooden spoon? Please reply to: [email protected]
    Thanks! petra

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