Such Pretty Moonstones

I’m in love with the Seoul Green Project called Luna Piedra which means moonstone in Spanish. These beautiful pebbles illuminate with embedded OLEDs. They replace traditional lighting setups which aren’t portable and waste a lot of energy. The Luna Piedra generates enough power by water currents using a very tiny nano generator. It doesn’t heat up and leaves no polluting effluents. I want one, NOW.

Designer: Yichun Chuang

Luna Piedra Hydro Powered Illumination For Cheonggyecheon by Yichun Chuang





  • MB says:

    Really like these moonstones.
    By the way it’s ‘polluting effluent’ not affluents (someone who is affluent is well-off or rich)

  • mif991 says:

    Good job. The moonstones look really nice in that brook.

  • Mogwa1 says:

    what happens when it gets clogged by debris? i don’t really see this thing in rivers…

    • Craig says:

      Good point about the debris, few rivers around here could support these I think without clogging them up.

      They are quite lovely though and would be great in some artificial waterways/installations where debris isn’t as much an issue.

  • meira says:

    Ingenious. … When can i buy them?

  • reality says:

    messing with flora and fauna not for me. just a cheap gimmick

  • Melissa says:

    How very lovely!

  • Trudy says:

    Highly energetic post, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?

    web page, Trudy,

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