Flowers Growing from the Fridge

You live in the city. You cannot tell a flower from a hole in the wall. Or perhaps you’d love to see a flower there, in the brick, just peeking out at you in this concrete jungle? I love that image. A flower is just a flower, appreciate it all the more if it comes popping up against all odds through the cracks of a dirty sidewalk. This fanciful nature is alive and well in the 25togo designed “Flower in Flat.”

Made of strong yet light ABS plates, you’ll feel like you’re carrying steel-plated air as you bring this object to bear upon a wall or refrigerator of your choosing.

I’m sure you see the whimsical milk-carton shape there, and be sure to know this: each one comes with magnets on the back for easy application!

*glue or paste alright, too!

Designer: 25togo [ Buy It Here – Available for $18 at the YD Store ]


Flower in Flat – Super Cute! Available for $18 at the YD Store

Flower in Flat by 25togo