Modern Material Among Ancient Beauty

24° Studio’s latest installation, Daphne, is situated within the tunneled stairway that interplays with the notion of concealing and revealing the ancient interior surfaces of the tunnel leading to the peak of the hilltop village Pyrgos in Santorini, Greece. The structure is made entirely of self-supporting paper panels and string LEDs that create an enclosure that plays with visitors’ perception as they witness the material merging of past, present and future.

Just a trace of the entire installation is visible at the foot of the tunnel where a few panels hint at a growing continuous structure. As visitors venture deeper into the tunnel, they become completely encapsulated by a strikingly larger section of the installation, but are still able to see bits and pieces of the ancient walls through gaps in the panels. The interior illumination accentuates the space from dusk to dawn to emphasize how the existing materiality can coexist with the new.

Designer: 24° Studio