Two Glasses Become One : Fusion!

Yes siree, the fine folks at NEXEF Design are going crazy with the glass and are calling it Mirror Fabbrica. They’ve found an ancient secret technique, “newlife style,” (actually new, they developed it,) to create what appears to be fusion glass. What is fusion glass you might ask? Well in this case it’s designed mirrors with double images. Every beautiful remark becomes two. Two for better remarkability!

Yes Newlife Style. Why didn’t I think of that? Because usually fusion requires such a high heat that mirrors could not stand up to the process. The silver coating, it is damaged.

Now they’ve got this secret technique to create reliefs on the surface of the mirror and shazaam!

It’s a new beauty.

Designer: NEXEF Design for Mirror Fabbrica

Newlife Style mirrors for Mirror Fabbrica by NEXEF Design