For the Scoot People with Too Much Luggage

Though the classic cross-city bike messanger method / character / lifestyle will never be trumped by a motorized vehicle, one can dream of a nicer* way to carry one’s briefcase to work. *Nicer, in this case, meaning, gosh, I have to go to work every day, but it’s only a short distance. I’d sure like a more eco-friendly ride, but I have too much to carry!

It’s time to stash!

Scooter people. You see them. I see them. We all see them. They can’t carry a very huge amount of peanuts. Only what can fit in their backpack or in their under-seat compartment.

What designer Elliot Ortiz has whipped up here is the solution for your luggage woes, the aptly titled, “Cargo” scooter. With its large capacity for storage and a “Drive by Wire” tank-style steering system, it can carry up to “one whole crapload of junk.”*

*I made up that unit of measurement.

Note from Elliot: the small gas motor is “tucked away on the rear swing arm in case you were wondering ;)”.

Designer: Elliot Ortiz