This is Pants Seat

Is it a side table? No! Well kind of. Is it a stool? No! Well actually you can sit on it, too. But what is it? Simple. It’s a book container! And it looks just like pants! Why would someone do that? Well, let me tell you! They want to make us (you and me) wear pants everywhere! Even in our own homes. That’s insane! But let me tell you, these pants wont rip.

Let me tell you again, something different this time. It’s about Donald Duck. He does not wear pants. But I bet if you asked him, he would endorse THESE pants. What’s up now, Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck can read. Mickey Mouse cannot read. Illiterate. End of story.

But if you want to know more about the stool, here it is. The place that’s raised at the top is made so you can lay your literature in an open position. The interior of the stool is virgin material while the exterior is hand brushed.

This is part of the debut range by Alex Bradley Design.

Designer: Alex Bradley Design

Notch 2Tone by Alex Bradley Design