Up The Ladder Down The Chord

When you’re working on a house or a project that involves ladders, often you’re also working with tools that require you run a chord up there too. Lots of power tools are wireless now, meaning they’ve got battery packs, but there’s still a lot of chords in the world. What do you do to make your time up there with that a lot easier? You clip this lovely baby on up on your belt loop and roll a little bit simpler!

So unless you’re already rolling pretty hard in an Asian country, you don’t know what’s going on here. The prongs on the power cords are circles in places like Isreal, where our amazing designer Rami Tareef is from.

So those 3 holes there? Thats where you plug in.

The bottom of this device? That chord goes down all the way to the wall.

This is basically just an extension chord with a splitter and a belt hoop. Amazing? I think so. These would hella sell if they existed in my city.

Designer: Rami Tareef

Eleclip by Rami Tareef