Happy Home Furnishings

The latest collection of bathroom and home furnishings from ex.t is all about simple and functional yet striking designs that can easily transition from one room to the next. Each piece has a playful, inviting aesthetic that’s sure to be the center of attention no matter where you put it.

Round – This ceramic basin is characterized by minimal design where lines, thickness and edges have been thinned. Designed by MIST-O.

Bold 1 – This multi-use cabinet features oversized handles that serve as the focal point. Bold, as its name implies, is an audacious object with soft shapes in striking size. Designed by MIST-O.

Bold 2 – This cabinet’s small size and simple design make it a practical storage unit for any room. The oversized handle is not only functional but also a bold element of character. Designed by MIST-O.

Face – This original mirror set is sure to be the protagonist of any room in the house. Simply hang your wardrobe from the bottom and get a glimpse of what you’ll like like with it on! Designed by Kazuko Okamoto.

Designers: Various