Pride of Street Cleaners

Dignity and pride in whatever you do, even if it’s cleaning the streets. Someone has to the dirty job of cleaning up your litter, and why not equip them with the perfect gear so that they can do a perfect job. With this contention in mind, we have Youn-il Lee designing the Green Fox Street Cleaning Kit for the road sweepers of Seoul. However, it’s something that the street-sweepers from the world over can do with. A standard 100-liter bin with special care to the peripherals makes this an ideal design.

Features Include:

  • The dustpan is designed to be used as a lid for the container, thus covers the trash from getting wet when it rains.
  • The angle of the cart makes it easy for it to be pulled along, even on an uneven road.
  • The brooms and other equipments for cleaning fit snug into the body of the cart, making it easy to carry them.
  • The bag for recycling trash looks compact when it is not used, but it is made of trampoline, an elastic material, so that it can contain used bottles and cans for recycling.

Designer: Youn-il Lee

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Green Fox Street Cleaning Kit by Youn-il Lee