Twist And Trash The Can

There are two things make the NNew Can stand out; one it has a deliberate spiral shape and two its opening-clip has an uplifted indent. The reason for the spiral shape is obvious, it makes it easier for you to twist and crush the can with hand and dump it into the trashcan. And the reason for the indent in the clip is so that you can open the can easily without chipping a nail. I endorse the second reason wholeheartedly coz I always manage to clip mine while opening my soda-can!

Designers: Jiwoon Park & Kwenyoung Choi

NNew Can – Drinks Can Re-design by Jiwoon Park & Kwenyoung Choi





  • Kip says:

    Its a nice idea when its in a shop but what about when they’re stacked hundreds high in a warehouse end to end?

    • Edera says:

      I had this same thought as soon as I saw this. Comes from working logistics in a supply chain operation.

  • karl says:

    it should still be ok to stack as those drink cans have that concave indent in the bottom

  • tater hole says:

    This can design should be mandated by law immediatley!

  • Raoni says:

    A friend of mine from Brazil, made a can with the exactly same idea, but different design about 2 years ago.. that’s coincidence!

  • BigCrankyRabbit says:

    You can already do this with a normal drink can. I do with every one i use…

    Twist slightly and put maybe 4 folds into the can in a similar manner to the ones shown.

    Then twist and crush all the way.

    Doesn’t require anything new to be done to any cans.

    • Jimmy C says:

      Yes it does. Normal cans will tear apart, and then you might cut yourself on the edge. This is simpler, plus it's more ergonomic.

    • Jimmy C says:

      Yes it does. Normal cans will tear apart, and then you might cut yourself on the edge. This is simpler, plus it's more ergonomic.

  • D says:

    I usually don’t mind if designs aren’t thought through manufacturing, but because this is a simple design and its viability depends heavily on its form, it should be pointed out that this can can’t be made in high volume production to be manufacturable by the likes of Coke. This is because aluminum cans are first stamped from aluminum sheets and then rolled into its final form (like a cup), and then the top is attached. The spiral form cannot be formed in a roller. Even if it was cheap to do so, one couldn’t injection mold it because of the obvious undercuts formed by the spiral. Last but not least, graphics can’t be applied to it because it’s not a singular-curvature surface (i.e. cylindrical or very slightly conical). It might be possible to blow-form this, but certainly not at a rate that would justify the cost.

    • Free says:

      BTW cans are not rolled, they are extruded from a puck, therefore the shape is possible, but will introduce wall thickness irregularities that will weaken the can. everything else you’ve said is true.

      • ok studio says:

        and moreover, while it is possible to shape the can, it is a secondary process, and requires a thicker aluminium slug in order to get an even wall thickness all over the can — there goes out the window the concept of source reduction.

  • b0g3l says:

    Brilliant! really clever. you can say you do that with the current ones, but i think the idea is about educating the public about it. And i think every little addition of “fun” would works really well

  • Ja says:

    can they be stacked for tens of cans? The can will collapse itself therefore.

  • Golan says:

    Because stomping on the can is O so hard?

    • sarrel says:

      To be fair I spent about three months learning the proper coordination to be able to do that. Then again, I was four years old at the time and had no coordination anyway, let alone weight to put behind it… Still. I do know people who lack the balance and coordination to stomp it. I doubt that this design would make up enough in relation to ease of use compared to the cost of production.

  • JC says:

    Interesting idea, but may be a solution to the wrong problem. I get 10 cents for every returned can, so you can bet that there arent many wasted cans here. If you crush them, you cant return them. Living in an area with no returnables, I was amazed to see how many people just throw them away (I always felt weird doing that). I think we need to focus on a way to get more people recycling said cans than making them smaller to fit in the trash can.

  • ZB says:

    An alternative approach to crushing a metal can! However, concept does not equates to feasibility. I’m skeptical about how the new structure of the metal can allow user to crush metal can more effectively. Such structures have indirectly formed ribs around the can, strengthening the structure instead. Mainly due to the surface deformations it has created.

  • powaz says:

    Cool, except I already crush my soda cans like this. It’s really not that difficult..

  • James says:

    Great, more discrimination against lefties.

    • Jimmy C says:

      Well it's not like it's that hard to twist it right, unless your hand is sprained or something.

    • Jimmy C says:

      Well it's not like it's that hard to twist it right, unless your hand is sprained or something.

  • Crica says:

    Boa idéia, assim a lata chega mais amassada ainda às estantes dos supermercados. Fora que corre risco muito maior de enganchar o pino do lacre durante o transporte e abrir a lata. Ótimo no papel, pena que não funciona.

  • k says:

    reminds me of the I LOHAS water selling in Japan.

  • I always do this with normal cans. There’s a trick to it – but it’s not that hard to learn. Twist and push. Easy as pie.

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