When Plants Inspire Lights

You remember that photosynthesis lesson you bunked in school? That was way long back in time, but folks at D’arc Studio revisited that period and decided to haunt you with that chapter (pun totally intended!) The Sinthesya is an indoor/outdoor light that looks like it’s out of a sci-fi movie set and draws inspiration from nature’s food-factory. Solar power is the name of the game, but just in case of an emergency, an electrical plug has been included.

Shaped like a plant, the light features an adjustable base, a long winding stem, Lithium battery cells and a leaf panel that sports fotovoltaic flexible panels on the outside and 10 LED lights on the inside. A soft-touch dimmer lets you adjust the lights and when you place the leaf-head in a closed position, it gears up for some sun soaking recharge.

What makes it waterproof is the silicone rubber detailing and the green factor comes from the use of recycled ABS made by printing and injection.

So in case you missed the lesson: sun + plant shape = cool lights

Designers: Daniele Calisi, Alessio Tommasetti, Rosa Topputo & Camillo Vanacore


  • Sean says:

    I love how so many designs claim to be green just because they say that it is made out of recycled plastic. I’m going to design this product that requires enormous molds weighing thousands of pounds and the biggest hydraulically operated molding machines available and say it’s green because it’s using injection molding scrap that gets recycled by the molder anyway.

  • I am going to do a minor slap down on this, please be realistic when your doing a solar cell piece. The first problem I see is that this is a indoor lamp, so any light the solar panels get is indirect or from a fluorescent source, not exactly high power. The rendering (a nice one) and the text list 10 lamps, well that’s in reality 70 led’s. There is NO way the solar panel will be able to provide enough charge to the batteries for daily use, and with out daily use it becomes a art piece.

    • lady revenge says:

      10 x 7= 70
      it’s mathematics
      have a look at the coni light OSRAM

  • solar light says:

    If you look at this one: http://www.greenbaba.com/Solar-Lantern-Light/A004-Solar-Desk-Light.html, it could be more practical. You can fold the whole light into a box and leave it outside for sucking sun’s energy during the day.

  • Carl says:

    by the size of the ladybirds and buterfly, this is about 30cm tall right? is this a reading light? or a floor light? its hard to tell you how crap it is if you cant make out what it is?

    • lady revenge says:

      michelangelo use to make huge hand at head at the sculpture to exalt some elements…can you please study some arts before talking?!?

  • teej says:

    This would be perfect as a night-time outdoor lamp to illuminate a path or as a highlight for gardens. It would charge during the day and light up at night – these already exist as squat little fixtures; this seems like a wonderful redesign of an existing technology.

  • angle says:


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