Two Headed Faucet and Filter

You’ve seen them, those giant honking water filter additions for your sink. The ones that look like a big egg at the end of your elegant faucet head. Well those days are over! Here is something lovely and new. Two faucet heads, one faucet. And best yet, there’s a new filter involved too – the “carbon block” – eliminating odors, residues, and chlorine. Will it pass your interior design fashion test?

Are two heads better than one? This filter system is certified by Inmetro (Brazilian National Institute of Metrology, Normalization and Industrial Quality) – makes it seem pretty legit, yes?

Let me tell you here: a faucet head can make or break a room. A nice lady I know who goes by the name “Mom” recently purchased a new faucet head for her bathroom. It’s looking pretty modern like the one we’re speaking about here. It changed her life. In the bathroom.

Faucet on!

Designer: Ana Lúcia de Lima Pontes Orlovitz – by Deca


Twin Line by Ana Lucia de Lima Pontes Orlovitz