How this fashionable Apple AirPods necklace makes sure you never lose them again

Apple’s AirPods ushered in a new generation of audio accessories and put the 3.5mm headphone jack on its way to retirement. But while the previously ridiculed wireless earbuds have practically become the new trend, unsurprisingly, it did create a new problem for people still unused to juggling two small thingamajigs in their hands. AirPods keep getting lost left and right, pun intended, forcing people to waste money on backup pairs. It’s extremely difficult when you lose one piece, so the best answer is to always keep them together no matter what. That’s exactly the kind of solution that these neck straps offer, but they do so in a way that transforms practical utility into trendsetting fashion.

Designer: M.CRAFTSMAN Design Studio

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Panther Black

Truly wireless earbuds like the AirPods free us from the tyranny of tangled cables, but that liberty doesn’t come without its own price. In theory, they should always be inside their case when they’re not on your ears, but in practice, people tend to take them off temporarily, only to forget where they placed them in the first place. That’s the benefit that cables have, even for those wireless earphones that still have a wire connecting both ends since you can always hang them around your neck while not using them.

Daisy Yellow

That’s the design that the PodChain is aiming for, but it takes the concept to the next level when it comes to aesthetics. Yes, it provides a strap you can attach a pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro so you can hang them around your neck or on a hook until it’s time to use them again or charge them. The key difference is that it goes a step further in making sure those buds don’t just dangle off your shoulders.

Midnight Blue

With a One Click Patented Lock, you can easily secure each AirPod in place. And, when you’re not using them, you can magnetically join the two pieces together, closing the loop around your neck. No more dangling ends that get snagged by objects and people you pass by; just a single, eye-catching woven cord that you can proudly wear like a necklace.

And that’s where the AirPods necklace’s other big features comes in. Each strap is made from beautifully braided cords that combine complementary colors, depending on the style. Blue, black, and gray combine to create a romantic Midnight Blue, while yellow, blue, and brown mix for an earthy Daisy Yellow. And you don’t have to settle for one, either since you can easily change the necklace you’ll wear depending on your mood or outfit for the day. So give yourself some well-deserved peace of mind with these stylish necklaces designed to give your AirPods a home so that they never get lost again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $39 (10% off at checkout). Hurry, Apple Event sales end in 24 hours!