This foldable e-bike makes clean commuting look great for the conscious consumer!

As we move towards the future of clean commuting, we must keep in mind that not all places will have a robust public transport system and if it is a suburb then chances are that things may not be at a walkable distance always. In realistic situations like this electric bikes are the most viable option – they are quick to maneuver on busy streets and continue to keep your carbon footprint at a minimum. To make them even more functional, designer Kaiser Chang has created a foldable e-bike called Somerset that is truly ideal for any urban or suburban dweller.

Somerset gets its name from ‘tumbling’ because it tumbles and collapses into a compact form. The mainframe of the e-bike uses an oval-shaped tube as a slide rail, this makes the front fork slide down and combines the two wheels and to transform into a handcart. Somerset’s circular steel structure and semi-arc frames give it a sleek, slim visual aesthetic. The flow lines make the e-bike look modern and minimal even when its folded. Now, this is what I call a true problem-solving design!

Designer: Kaiser Chang