Every Skyscraper Capped with Grass

Design group Kalomix, from Hong Kong, have come up with a rather green concept, if you will. It’s grass. It’s so green, it’s got it in the name: “Green Puzzle.” The Green Puzzle is currently being displayed at Ecopelago in Hong Kong (stop by if you’re into that sort of thing.) And it’s just a feel-good between-the-toes kind of concept. Solar panels that are made to appear and feel like grass, in the shape of grass, to be planted on the ground in the dirt surrounded by grass. It’s camouflage solar energy!

The Green Puzzle comes in panels, rather small but you can combine them in a sort of daisy-chain to intercept maximum sunlight. Made to be kind to the feet, with only a portion of the ground covered so that real grass can grow through!

Made to appear rather built-in, I’d say.

Designer: Kalomix

The Green Puzzle by Kalomix




  • corey says:

    How are you suppose to mow the grass?

  • Twiggles says:

    Ehrrr? Question: If the grass grows and grows … it will cover all the sunpanels and no sun comes through. So trim the grass! But, damn … now the sunpanels are all cut off.

    You´ll need a nail sissor and lots of hours to trim the roofs.

    a better way would be the use of thermal suncollectors under the grass which heats water in black painted tubes by sun rays (eaven if the grass would still cover it in shadows, it could work with lower efficiency and the grass could be trimmed without damaging the collector)

  • Zee says:

    Seriously? this is like something from the back of a gradeschool booklet.

  • designer tmc says:

    Isnt it better to have a really nicely designed rooftop garden with solar panels implanted around?
    Personal opinion..

  • jesse says:

    some grass varieties stop growing once they reach a certain length and never need mowing. These varieties would seem an obvious choice!

  • Christpher Cole says:

    You dumb arse, have you read it properly, it’s not real grass.

  • Chaahra says:

    We had an October evening too Tanya – after it trsnderutohmed this afternoon with hail!Only one run? Wow, Ben’s team is doing so well this year, and he’s getting so tall!

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