Old School iPhone

It’s a total hash of digital and analog ideologies and still looks uber-cool! I guess this is what an iPhone-esque phone would have looked like in the 80’s. Calling itself the Touch Screen Rotary, this phone is a Retro Blast but with modern functionality. Needless to say, touch controls on the rotary are there and so is a backlit screen. If you plan on calling me on this phone I will know it’s you thanks to the incoming caller ID.

For the externals the designer proposes a highly polished ABS lined with a frosted polycarbonate base that glows each time a call comes in. VOIP or landline, the phone swings both ways!

Designer: Mark Miller


  • M.S.W says:

    Hmm very TRON like 😉

  • Barton Smith says:

    Personally getting tired of glossy black boxes, unless it’s done very well – Sam Hecht, naoto fukasawa etc

  • I grew up with rotary phones, so have a soft spot for them and I like this execution.

  • xphoneguy says:

    I would LOVE this phone if it had a few basic features — which it may.

    I cannot stand the phones on the market today. They all look like they take asthetic cues from 1980s boomboxes. At best they’re cheesy Bang and Olafson knockoffs.Which is pretty 80s anyhow.

  • Terry says:

    Hi, where I can get this? I like it very much.

    • Luke says:

      How do people not grasp that a set of renders doesn’t translate to an actual product they can buy? Seriously, is it that difficult to read the article and cull whether or not it’s an actual product based on the language used to describe it? Is it that hard to check if there are any links to a product page, or failing that, run a quick Google search for the product?

      I sincerely apologize for the harshness of this post, but I cannot wrap my head around that. Do people just look at the pretty pictures while the consumer whore in them screams “BUY IT!” before they can read the article?

      I mean, come on, this is pretty standard concept render fare:
      – Shiny, simple form? It’s a shiny black box. Check.
      – Glowy lights? Check. Bonus points for them being blue.
      – Rehash of an archaic interface concept in an attempt to look original? It’s a rotary dial in the likeness of an iPod Click Wheel, so it’s a check.
      – Needlessly expensive and elaborate component pidgeonholed into a limited and simplistic task for a ridiculously common device? It’s a Click Wheel rotary dial. Definite check.

      Does that not tip you people off that it’s not an actual product, that it’s a generic concept render from a third-rate cookie-cut designer?

      Urgh. I need a breather. Again, I’m sorry for the harshness of the post, but I’m absolutely floored and I can’t help it.

      • luke: Remember products are aimed at markets, successful ones answer that markets needs and wants. I like and would buy this, because I grew up on rotary phones. You may have a “phone” that does everything, but for some of us we like having a desk phone, that is just a phone, nothing more. This is like a pen that is a pen, not a recorder, mp3 player, can opener and weather station. Its all about reading your market,being Santa clause, no matter how inane that markets thinking may be to you.

        • Luke says:

          I’m not saying one-trick ponies are a bad thing, and I can certainly see the point in designing for a market, but that’s not what irks me here.

          Why a touch dial, for example? Wouldn’t an actual rotary dial be cheaper and provide better haptic response? This isn’t exactly the sort of device that could benefit from the flexibility of a touchpad.

          But that’s not what miffed me. Caffeine jitters, a long night, and a field of studies that I’ve grown to hate together made for a hair-trigger and “hai wer can i get tihs???? kthnx bai” set it off. I really shouldn’t be using the comments as an anger dumping ground, but I needed to vent as I was about to explode.

          • In the old days a rotary dial would have been cheaper, now I doubt if there is a single producer of that type of switch making the touch screen one a winner on cost benefit ratio.

            If your all spun up from school, wheeeeeeeeeeee just wait till your out there doing it for real. Learn calm, learn to flex, learn to just chill, after all we all end up in the same place so might as well enjoy the ride.

          • paman says:

            Nothing some good alcohol and a whore can fix. Seriously, you need to relax.

          • Luke says:

            Believe me, Zippy, I’m not looking forward to my life when I graduate at all. You have no idea how frustrated I’m getting with myself.

            I could whine and moan a novel’s worth about how much I resent giving up my own dreams to study design in order to satisfy my parents’ desire for their kid to be a medical professional only to find that nothing will ever satisfy them, or how everything I was working towards and fighting for when I was in high school was irrevocably lost over 3 short years in college, but what would that accomplish?

            The reality is that I’m locked into studying pharmacy now, since I’m on student loans. If I drop out to work on a new portfolio’s worth of work, I’ll blow the grace period on my student loans and be rendered unable to afford any sort of college education.

            There’s no end in sight for me. Alas, I’m reaping what I’ve sown. Can’t really complain now, can I?

            But enough with that. I’ve spammed this thread up enough as it is.

          • TMI says:

            Christ luke TMI. TMI!!!11!

  • Mokhlis says:

    where to buy?

  • sree says:

    I want to buy this ….. But when are they tryin to release this in market …. Any Idea guz …..

  • sree says:

    I want to buy this ….. But when are they tryin to release this in market …. Any Idea guz …..

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