Wall Plugs No Frills

These plugs are circular. Holy goodness it is a complete revolution in interior decorating. It’s another step back from decoration, that’s what it is. It’s the pushing back of details, creating a simpler, more chi-flowing world. Isn’t it? Take a vast look at these terrifically simplistic plug-ins and wonder to yourself how you ever lived without their elegant plugness (or lack thereof.)

Life isn’t all tiny electronic details, is it? It is when you become a home refurbisher, like my auntie Ginny and auntie Pat. They get down to details when they tear a whole house’s insides down and put them back up. They’re interested in these little things, severely. It’s these little tiny things that are “selling points” on a house. Even something so simple as a plug can sell a house in the head of the buyer.

And check it out: me, speaking as a designer who has also installed his fair share of wall plugs, says thusly: these work. They’d be fantastic to use in a new house and holy crap I want them.

Designer: Omer Arbel





Wall Plug Concept by Omer Arbel